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Egg Puffs

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1. Egg puff is a popular savory pastry snack originating from South India, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is also commonly found in other parts of India and in regions with significant Indian diaspora.

2. This delicious snack consists of a flaky, buttery pastry filled with a spiced mixture of scrambled eggs, onions, green chilies, and sometimes additional ingredients like bell peppers or herbs. The pastry is typically baked or fried until golden brown, resulting in a crispy exterior and a flavorful, moist interior, making it a delightful treat enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Egg puff is a popular snack originating from India. It consists of a flaky pastry filled with a mixture of boiled eggs, onions, spices, and sometimes vegetables. The pastry is typically made from layers of dough and butter, resulting in a crispy texture when baked. Egg puffs are often enjoyed as a savory treat, commonly served in bakeries, tea stalls, and street food vendors across India.

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