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1. Laban, also known as Ayran or Tan, is a traditional Middle Eastern yogurt-based drink. It is made by diluting yogurt with water and then mixing it thoroughly until it achieves a smooth consistency.

2. Laban is often seasoned with salt and sometimes flavored with herbs such as mint or dill. It has a tangy flavor and a refreshing taste, making it popular as a thirst-quenching beverage, particularly in hot climates. Additionally, laban is known for its probiotic properties, providing beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion.

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Laban is a traditional Middle Eastern drink made from fermented yogurt. It’s popular in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. Laban is known for its refreshing taste and probiotic properties, which are beneficial for digestion and gut health. It’s often consumed plain or flavored with herbs like mint or spices like cumin. Laban is a versatile beverage used in various dishes or enjoyed on its own, particularly during hot weather to cool down and replenish electrolytes.

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